Luton TMC Contract

CLIENT: Volker Highways
VALUE OF WORKS: £2.6 Millon

TG RAM Ltd team working on the Luton TMC project

TG RAM Ltd’s long term relationship with Volkerhighways on the Luton TMC Contract, provided up to 10 gangs at any given time to assist with improvement schemes. Throughout the period of our service delivery with Volkerhighways, we built solid relationships with the Volker staff and also developed a good relationship with many of the Council engineers, and as such, for the delivery in some schemes we worked very closely with the engineers to ensure good service delivery.

Between August and December 2014 we were involved in a number of traffic calming measures and bus stop improvements in the Headley Rise and Colwell Rise area for this contract. The works varied from small build out works, major junction re-profiling and installing road humps. We programmed and planned the works independently, and we took the approach of building the complete works in local zones. Rather than delivering specific tasks across the whole scheme, e.g. tarmac works across the whole scheme and then re-visit to complete bollard and signage works we sectioned the scheme to specific zones and ensured all works were completed in one area before moving to the next. This allowed continuity of working and minimised the disruption as we did not need to keep re-visiting a section of the scheme.

We also carried out the improvement of Luton Town Centre which consists of New paving and pathways.

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    • Testimonials

      “I am impressed with both the high work rate and the end results of your road crew. Splendid guys who really motor on with their tasks and yet do not compromise the final quality. Excellent work ethic!” Dr Howard Evans, Senior Analyst / Programmer, Prudential