Central London Cycle Super Highway

PROJECT TITLE: Central London Cycle Super highway
CLIENT: Ringway Jacobs
VALUE OF WORKS: £4.6 Million

London Cycle Super Highway
We constructed a cycle superhighway scheme working for Ringway Jacobs. We were appointed due to the failure of a previous sub-contractor and therefore there was an increased level of scrutiny on our performance both by the main contractor and the client. Strong and close collaboration was required in order to successfully complete this challenging project.

When TG RAM Ltd first started on this project, it was immediately apparent that the culture that had been developed by the original failing subcontractor was negative and required careful handling in order to re-build the trust between client and contractor and restore the client’s confidence for a successful delivery.

Our “can do” attitude and partnering ethos was well received in the early stages of this project and quickly restored confidence in all parties and works progressed very quickly and efficiently. Within a short space of time, relationships were quickly formed with other contractors working on the project in order to ensure good co-ordination of all of the works and to ensure that quality and efficiency was achieved.

Critically, during the development of the project we co-located in the client’s office and on site and this resulted in the seamless delivery of the project and integration between all parties. It was this collaborative partnering relationship that ensured efficiencies were achieved for all parties.

London Cycle Super Highway photo 2

This was an extremely high profile construction project at the gateway to the financial sector of the City of London. An excellent traffic network performance was paramount and during the course of the programme tube strikes, protest marches and homeland security measures all impacted on the build programme and all parties of the construction team had to be prepared to work with immediate cancellations or a day’s notice requested to accelerate certain elements of the work. This work environment only succeeds in uniting the project teams into pulling together to get the job done.

Information was provided to the client in the format requested in order to help them in their future management and maintenance of the asset.

A major consideration during the construction was the presence of an underground line that ran parallel to the project. The depth of the line was unknown and therefore the size of plant was severely restricted. Also, the unknown depth meant that many design features were not proven and subsequently had to be modified on site. Close working relationships therefore had to be formed with London Underground and Crossrail to ensure the safety of their assets and future works.

The works also involved two London Boroughs and again agreement had to be reached with these on various issues surrounding this scheme.

During the life of the build programme the Cycle Netway schemes received positive and negative press all of which reflected on this highways contract. Upon completion, each member of the construction team could stand back and admire a job well done in extremely challenging conditions.

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