Health & Safety

We take Health and Safety very seriously
We are committed to the continuous improvement of health and safety practices

TG RAM Ltd is fully committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of Health and Safety for its Employees and to creating a safe working environment at all times. It is the company’s view that accidents are not inevitable and that with reasonable precautions, good communication and a positive approach by all concerned, accidents can be prevented. We consider the continual development of individuals and our fleet of the highest importance and committed to the ongoing improvement of health and safety performance throughout our company

Company health and safety objectives

To identify and minimise the risk of personal injury and health hazards of all persons who are affected by the Company activities

To reduce by all practicable means the number of accidents, dangerous incidents, damage to property and hazards to the health and safety of all Personnel at the place of work.

To ensure that the legal obligations of the Company and its Employees are fully observed.


In order to achieve these objectives, the Company will:

(a) Provide, develop and maintain a Health and Safety Management System as a framework and guide for safe working practices and procedures.

(b) Provide safety advice and expertise to assist Managers, Supervisors and all Employees to undertake their work in a safe and responsible manner.

(c) Issue a copy of the Company Safety Policy and Safety Management System to all Staff and require that it is properly maintained and readily accessible.

(d) Require all Staff to be aware of their safety responsibilities, and to comply with the Company organisational and procedure arrangements detailed in the Health and Safety Management System.

(e) Provide relevant safety training for all Staff appropriate to the Employee’s job duties and responsibilities.

The Managing Director is responsible for the implementation of this Policy:

To achieve the above Policy and its objectives the following procedures, as covered in the Health and Safety Management System, will be established and implemented.

(a) Safe methods and systems of work will be adopted at all times.

(b) Healthy and safe working conditions will be provided and maintained

(c) Accident investigations will be carried out with a view to eliminating any identified hazards or risks and that the effective preventive action is taken to prevent any re-occurrence.

(d) Employees will be made aware of potential hazards and the appropriate precautions to be adopted to minimise them.

(e) Review the training needs of all Employees on safety management and provide regular health and safety information updates.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 makes it clear that:

Healthy and safe working conditions and systems can only be achieved by the combined effort of all Employees, regardless of status.

Every Employee has a duty and is required by law to ensure compliance with all Statutory Regulations and Safety Codes of Practice. Individuals shall take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, and shall inform their Supervisor of any hazard they become aware of in order that the appropriate action can be taken.

Effective Health and Safety Management is recognised as good business and we are committed to the continuous improvement of health and safety practices.

  • We are committed to the ongoing improvement of health and safety performance throughout our company.
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