Environmental policy

TG RAM Ltd recognises that protecting the environment is a critical issue and a key responsibility of the business and corporate community. The benefits of environmental protection for current and future generations are clear. TG RAM Ltd also acknowledges that reducing unnecessary waste and minimising consumptions of scarce resources is consistent with ongoing financial sustainability in terms of meeting the expectations of our customers, reducing costs and minimising risks. Therefore our environmental policy applies to all directors, officers, employees and subcontractors that work on behalf of TG RAM Ltd.

TG RAM Ltd are committed to sustaining a strong, positive environmental policy
We are committed to achieving continual improvement in environmental performance

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is considered central to our business culture and as such is intended to form part of, and to support all its activities.

We recognise our corporate responsibility, not only by reference to the Company’s obligations under environmental and associated legislation, but as a responsible corporate citizen, in this regard we believe that seeking to continuously improve our environmental performance is fundamental to our business success and that sustainability principles should be incorporated into our activities and decision making at all levels. The following principles underpin our commitment towards environmental sustainability:

  • Striving for continual improvement in our environmental performance in ways that are sustainable, practical, commercial, meaningful, cost-effective and innovative.
  • Implementing an integrated management system and programs designed to foster environmental innovation, seeking to continually improve such programs and where applicable to utilise internal and independent performance audits to monitor the effectiveness of, and compliance with, such programs.
  • Identifying and monitoring the environmental impacts of our business activities, where possible by establishing measurable and achievable objectives and targets aimed at improving environmental sustainability.
  • Designing a program for regular review of environmental aspects and impacts of our business, conducted through a risk-based audit plan and corrective action program to management environmental risks.
  • Regularly reviewing and reporting on our environmental management performance to allow a better understanding of and responsible transparency with regard to, environmental progress and performance.
  • Creating, promoting and communicating an environmentally sustainable and responsible culture across our company.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of our people and providing resources to facilitate the fulfillment of our environmental responsibilities and goals, including by fostering both accountability for, and recognition of, individual actions.
  • Regularly consulting and communicating with staff on environmental matters.
  • Seeking out partnerships, where practical and in line with business objectives, designed to achieve company objectives (environmental and otherwise) more effectively and efficiently.
  • Where appropriate, seeking to positively influence key suppliers to improve their environmental performance and thereby minimise the lifecycle impacts of TG RAM Ltd’s operations.
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regularly requirements whilst aspiring to higher standards.

We are committed to working towards the delivery of environmentally sustainable outcomes within the operations of the group and to achieving continual improvement in environmental performance. Key areas of focus include:

  • Seeking to continuously reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, within the parameters and requirements of delivering high quality projects every time.
  • Seeking to continuously reduce water usage within the requirements of delivering high quality delivery and as far as practicable maximising efficient water management.
  • Seeking to continuously reduce waste and conserve resources through adopting sustainable purchasing principles where appropriate and commercially viable and encouraging suppliers and contractors to address environmental management and performance.
  • Wherever practicable in 100% recycling for all waste streams where reasonably practicable. We specify materials with a high recycled content. As well as creating a market for recycled products (with no extra cost or reduction in quality), this reduces the amount of virgin material extracted. Recent projects already demonstrate how better informed choices can make a big difference. For example, we’ve shown how secondary and recycled aggregates can be used for a number of applications such as pipe bedding, backfill and as a sub-base to divert significant tonnages from landfill.
  • Monitor, review and reduce the company’s fuel consumption by the implementation of Hybrid company cars, more fuel efficient heavy goods vehicles, reducing travelling of company heavy goods vehicles by employing the services of local resources instead of driving our own heavy goods vehicle to projects which are a considerable distance away from the company’s main depot.

We intend to set and internally communicate targets through an integrated Management System (IMS) aligned with ISO 14001, and where possible utilising life-cycle approaches and carbon footprint calculations.

This policy will be reviewed annually or as a result of significant amendments to applicable environmental legislation or organisational charge.

  • Our commitment to environmental sustainability is considered central to our business culture
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      “The site looks amazing and it has set a very high standard for all other works within the area that the other contractors do not seem to be able to match. It seems we are not the only admirers of TG RAM’s quality workmanship.” Neil Anderton, Design Engineer, Ringway Ltd